2023-24 NECPTA Training Chair: Sandra Llanas

Having a well trained board, who understand the background, mission and goals of PTA, makes a local PTA more successful and purposeful.

TX PTA Trainings

As per your local bylaws, all board members must complete Foundations ESSENTIALS and BASICS for their position within 30 days of election or appointment.


Offered online through the Texas PTA Training webpage and is $10 *

*If you have already taken FLO or LOT you do not need to take this course.


Training may be offered for your specific board position. If there is not a Basics for your position, you are required to take Boardmanship Basics. Every time you take a new position on your board, you should take the basics for that position. Courses are available on-line through the Texas PTA Training Webpage 

NECPTA Trainings

NEISD Council of PTAs provides support for the local volunteers by conducting numerous training and workshops throughout the school year. 

Please consult our Council Calendar page for training dates.

Click here for Training RSVP.