Mailing address: NEISD Council of PTAs, 8961 Tesoro Drive, SAT 78217

Pony Address: Council of PTAs, RAMEC, 6th Floor

The NEISD Council of PTAs was organized on March 15, 1960 to provide North East Independent School District local PTAs with information necessary to fulfill their roles in our community. We have grown over the years and currently serve 67 local PTAs.

  • We support, unify, and strengthen the NEISD local PTA units by the exchange of ideas through workshops, leadership training, mentoring, awards, etc.

  • We promote both the National PTA and Texas PTA by providing information about National and Texas PTA publications, grants, programs, and encouraging attendance at State and National Conventions.

  • We also support the objectives of the Texas PTA and National PTA .

Council Goals

  • Frequent communication with our local units through e-mails, our website, social media, monthly Newsletters, council delegate meetings, and trainings/workshops. We strive to respond to all inquiries within 24 hours.

  • Apply for State Awards as a Council.

  • Increase recruitment efforts by recruiting local unit leaders to sit on Council committees and by mingling with our local unit members at meetings and social events.

  • Help local units comply with TX PTA "Good Standing" requirements (file 990, updated bylaws, report all members, report board member information to TX PTA).

  • Become familiar with the responsibilities of each Council Board Member.

  • Increase NEISD Council of PTAs overall membership numbers with TX PTA 'back the future' and 'everyone can' campaigns.

  • Encourage NEISD Board of Trustee membership participation.

  • Increase training attendance so everyone is aware of recent TX PTA changes as well as leadership duties and responsibilities.

How is PTA Structured?

  • National PTA

  • Texas PTA (comprised of a Board of Directors (volunteers) and an office staff).

  • Council PTA

  • Local PTAs

To contact our Local Unit PTAs please see our Local Units Directory on this website.