2023-24 NECPTA Membership Chair: Deanna Mazzocco

The job of the Membership Chair is to organize the association’s membership, report and remit dues to Texas PTA, plan recruiting drives and implement member retention practices.

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For membership drive and incentive ideas, click here.

PTA Member Benefits:

National PTA Benefits

Texas PTA Benefits

NECPTA Membership Training and Resources 

Membership: Submitting, Q&A, & Drive Idea Share - Slide Show

Sample Plan of Work

Texas PTA Membership Resources

To learn about the new upload process for reporting and paying State and Local Membership dues online, please see this helpful page and training video Upload Process  from Texas PTA.

Check your '22-'23 membership totals, your '21-'22 membership numbers for awards purposes and good standing information at the Local Roster.  

Texas PTA Membership Packets included a helpful booklet, goodies from Texas PTA, the 2022-2023 Texas PTA awards listings and information, and a number of blank membership cards for use if you are not using the new upload and digital card process.  These packets were delivered to Membership Chairs or Schools earlier this school year.  If your PTAs need additional cards, you can order those through Texas PTA – the link is found here:

If your PTA would like to order sheets of 10 Spanish membership cards, you can do that immediately using this form: