Life Member Chair

2022-23 NECPTA Life Member Chair Sandra Llanas:

Honoring NEISD Texas Honorary Life Membership, Extended Service and National Lifetime Achievement award recipients at our annual Founders’ Day is a lively tradition and a key way to inspire the volunteers on your campus. To ensure these award recipients are properly honored and the Founders’ Day celebration runs smoothly, our local chairs have an important job to follow the process outlined below.

Steps for Life Membership/Founders’ Day Chairs: This document explains each step in the process to ensure your Life Members are recognized at Founders’ Day. Life Member/Founders’ Day Chairs should fill in and submit their 2022 Founders’ Day Life Member Recognition Form as soon as possible.

Click HERE for the TX PTA Life Member website.


Sample Nomination Form: English Spanish This sample Word document form can be personalized for your local PTA to solicit nominations for award recipients.

Determining if a Nominee has Received Past Award: To determine if a nominee has received a PTA volunteer recognition award in the past, there are a few places you can verify:

  • NEISD Life Members by School: This list includes all NEISD Honorary Texas Life Members, Texas PTA Extended Service Awards and National Life Achievement Awards listed by school. Please note that some of these recipients were not submitted to Texas PTA or National PTA by their local units and may require follow-up.

  • National PTA Life Members: To determine if a nominee has received a National PTA Life Member award, please email the name to MaryAnn Sodhi at National PTA or call 1-800-307-4782.

PTA Volunteer Recognition Award Types: The bullets below explain the 3 different award options and how they may apply to your honorees:

  • The Honorary Texas Life Membership is one of the highest honors that may be presented to individuals for outstanding service to children and youth, by Texas PTA. The recipient does not have to be a PTA member, nor must the service for which the honor has been bestowed be connected with the PTA. The only requirement for receiving a Texas PTA Honorary Life Membership is that the recipient is making, or has made a worthwhile contribution to the well being of children and youth. To order an Honorary Texas Life Membership, please click on the following link: Honorary Texas Life Member Award order form.

  • A Texas PTA Extended Service Award can be awarded to those people who have continued to give outstanding service to the Texas PTA. The recipient must have been actively involved in the Texas PTA for ten (10) years and be a Honorary Texas Life Member. To order a Texas PTA Extended Service Award, please click on the following link: Texas PTA Extended Service Award Order Form and follow the instructions on the form.

  • The National Life Achievement Award is the highest honor from the National PTA. The recipients of this award are usually those who have given outstanding service to children – someone who has promoted children’s well being by serving as an advocate for children in such areas as education, health, safety, and legislation. This recipient has usually been previously awarded an Honorary Texas Life Membership or Texas PTA Extended Service Award. To order a National Life Achievement award, please download the National Life Achievement Award Order Form and follow the instructions on the form.

Cost of Award and Corresponding Pinette:

Texas Life Membership (State) – $75 plus $9 shipping

Extended Service Award (State) – $125 plus $10 shipping

National Life Membership (National) – $125 plus $10 shipping

Be sure to order awards and jewelry at least 2-4 weeks before you need them.

***Texas PTA does not let you submit forms via mail anymore, it has to all be done online with their form.***

Note: When a recipient of a Texas Life Membership enrolls in a local unit PTA, they pay the National and Local portion of the dues, State dues are waived. An individual can claim the Life Membership at only one local unit.