2022-23 NECPTA Community Partnerships Chair: Lucia Reyna

Remember that PTA recommends three programs for every one fundraiser.


Examples of Programs:

  • TX PTA Programs

  • Free to student programs (field trips, educational speakers/programs)

  • Free to community events

  • Free to parent education events

Examples of Fundraisers (ANYTHING that you charge for):

  • Restaurant Nights/Eat for a Cause Night

  • Amazon Smiles

  • Box Tops for Education

  • Benefits App

  • Shoparoo

  • Benevity App

  • Spirit Sales/T-Shirts

  • Carnivals/Fairs

  • Silent Auction

  • Greenback Donations

  • Penny/Coin Wars

  • Spirit Rock at school people can pay to get a message painted for someone

  • Paint a ceiling tile

  • Holiday stores


  • The President is the only person who can sign contracts for the PTA

  • All fundraisers must be approved by a vote of the membership

  • Sales Tax

    • A Local or Council PTA is required to have a sales and use tax permit if the PTA sells tangible items, other than on the designated tax-free days.

    • Once a PTA has received a sales and use tax permit, the PTA must file the required reports, either quarterly or annually, even if the amount of sales tax collected is zero.

    • TX PTA Treasurers Guide (pages 23-26)

    • School Fundraisers and Texas Sales Tax (Doc 1) & (Doc 2)