Blossom Scholarship

2021-22 Chair: Angie Ogawa

The Virgil T. Blossom scholarship is awarded to NEISD graduates who plan to enter the teaching profession. A recipient from each NEISD high school, is chosen annually for scholarships to be renewed each year throughout his/her college careers. You can make a donation to the Virgil T. Blossom scholarship with an honorarium, memorial or as a thank you to someone who has contributed to NEISD’s quality education programs. Make your tax-deductible gift today by using the PayPal button below and including your contact information so that we can follow up for the person this donation is being made in honor or memory of and to whom the acknowledgment card should be sent. Alternatively, you may complete the Blossom Scholarship Donation Form and mail the form and a check. By donating, you are perpetuating a NEISD tradition of teaching excellence!

History of the Dr. Virgil T. Blossom Scholarship

On September 27, 1960, the first Scholarship Committee of the North East Council of PTAs was formed. Members of the committee were elected by written ballot at that time. The committee began with $140.00 and a dream for the future.

The scholarship, originally named the North East Scholarship, was renamed the Dr. Virgil T. Blossom Scholarship on March 24, 1962, in honor of Dr. Blossom, then superintendent of the North East School District. This occurred approximately three years before Dr. Blossom’s death.

The first scholarships of $100.00 were awarded on August 25, 1961. The first recipients were Susan Welch from Robert E. Lee High School and Linda West from Douglas MacArthur High School. In 1967, recipients were added from the Winston Churchill and Theodore Roosevelt High Schools. In 1980, the James Madison High School recipient was added. With the first graduating class of Ronald Reagan High School in 2000, the total number of scholarships was increased to six. Finally, in 2008, seven scholarships were awarded with the addition of Claudia Taylor Johnson High School.

In 1974, it was recommended that the local units include a scholarship chairman on the board of each local unit. The role of the local unit chairman is to promote, publicize, and encourage contributions to the fund through memorials and honorariums. The local unit scholarship chairman supports the efforts of the North East Council of PTAs Scholarship Committee.

From the $140.00 beginning in 1960, the fund has been enriched continually through Fundraising, contributions, and donations. Funds were raised in the past years through Mexican suppers, seventh grade bus trips to Austin, drama productions of high school students in the elementary schools, a tennis tournament, the sale of confetti eggs at the North East County Fair, and a benefit performance of “Finian’s Rainbow” at San Antonio Little Theater. In the fall of 1977, the Projected Goal Plan was suggested to the local units as a means of insuring equal funding by all member units. It was anticipated that the Goal Plan would be shared by the local unit PTA and the school itself in a Fundraising activity. It was recommended that each high school raise $300, each middle school $150 and each elementary school $100. When each local unit and its school participate together, a lot of needed publicity is given to the scholarship itself.

In January 1990, after a study of projected growth of the fund, the committee unanimously increased the scholarship to $300.00 per semester, and in March 2002, the scholarship increased to $325.00 per semester. Once again, in 2018, the scholarship was increased to $425.00 per semester for the recipients awarded in March 2019. The goal of investing enough money to insure that the Scholarship Fund is completely self-sustaining was accomplished in the Spring of 1992.

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Blossom Scholarship Committee Chair Meeting

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Blossom Scholarship Award Ceremony (@ Council Delegate Meeting)