2022-23 NECPTA Parliamentarian: Audra Frigon

The parliamentarian advises the President on parliamentary law, governing documents (bylaws, standing rules, policies) and procedural matters.

  • Council Trainings

8/16 and 8/17 Governing Documents Training

9/15 Mini Training Governing Documents Handout

BASICS Parliamentarian Resource Guide

Sample Plan of Work

BASICS Parliamentarian Quick Start Guide

BASICS Parliamentarian Quick Start Guide (Spanish)


Texas PTA Member Perks

  • TX PTA Policies Page - has the below information/documents:
    Dues Refunds to PTAs
    Credential Distribution for Local PTAs
    Consent for Minors to Serve on a Local/Council PTA Board or Committee
    Confidentiality, Ethics, and Conflict of Interest Agreement
    Records Retention
    Theft, Fraud, and Embezzlement Policy

E-Commerce Policy
Social Media Guidelines

SPOTLIGHT Trainings: