Advancing Reflections Entries to Council PTA

Please carefully follow all the steps listed for a speedy drop-off. You must bring a copy of the entry spreadsheet, three copies of each entry form, as well as three copies of each literature piece to drop off or entries will not be accepted. Each art category has packaging directions for submission that you must also follow.

A quick overview of steps:

  1. Host your local judging and advance the top 20% of each arts category for each grade division to the next level of judging (if any students selected special artist, it is its own division regardless of grade). Judging guidelines and other resources: guidelines and scorecard. (more details below; see A.)

  2. Student Entry Forms
    – Confirm all advancing entries have met the membership requirement and the individual in the household who is a member of your PTA is listed on the form.
    – Ensure each Student Entry Form for advancing entries is legible and entirely completed.
    – Make three copies of each Student Entry Form (advancing entries only) in addition to the original.
    – Retain one copy of each for your records, submit one copy of each to Council with your advancing entry spreadsheet at the time of drop off, and read the “Packaging” section of the rules for each category for the placement of the original forms plus final copy.

  3. Packaging – Please ensure all advancing entries meet rules requirements for the specific art category and are packaged as stated in the category rules. Accepted formats are also listed in each category’s rules. (Summary of packaging below; see B.)
    Dance Choreography Rules
    Film Production Rules
    Literature Rules
    Music Composition Rules
    Photography Rules
    Visual Arts Rules
    -Students for whom English is not their first language may submit literature entries and artist statements in their own language. An interpretive translation in English must accompany the entry. Translators should make every attempt to retain the same level of language and accuracy that is reflected in the student’s original work.

  4. Remember to take a picture, photocopy, scan, or save a copy of a file for every entry. This is useful to make a slideshow or play entries at your campus award ceremony. Also, sometimes students or parents forget to make a copy and ask for one.

  5. Download, complete, and save the Advancing Entry Spreadsheet (only for entries advancing to Council). You will need to upload this spreadsheet in the next step. Also, print a copy to bring with you to drop off. We do not need all columns – the first page of columns is sufficient (name, grade division, arts category, title of work). Write your school name at the top.

  6. Complete the Local PTA Participation Summary
    – Be prepared to enter your PTA president’s name & email address, local Reflections/Arts Ed. coordinator name & email (the chairperson for your PTA), number of students enrolled at your campus, the number participating in Reflections, your Council PTA (North East ISD Council of PTAs), and Council PTA coordinator name & email (Council Arts in Ed. Chair).
    – You will be asked to upload your Local PTA Advancing Spreadsheet. Do so by clicking on browse, selecting the saved file, then clicking on upload.

  7. Nov. 17, 10 am noon: Reflections Drop Off at Piper Bass Memorial Student Center (At Blossom Athletic Center behind tennis courts), 12002 Jones Maltsberger Rd.

  8. Nov. 19, 1 p.m.: Reflections Pick Up (only Visual Art and Photography not advancing to TX PTA) at Piper Bass Memorial Student Center

  9. Write thank-you notes to your judges and celebrate your students who participated at your campus. Your student awards can be a program at your PTA membership meeting or can be a separate celebration (some ideas here). You can give students ribbons and certificates or other small prizes. Download a Certificate Template here.

  10. Official Council Results will be emailed in early January.

Summary of Packaging (please see rules links above for complete packaging and category rules):

Visual Arts and Photography

  • Place the Student Entry Form and its copy in a plastic sheet protector and secure it to the back of the artwork with masking tape. Do not tape over the opening of the sheet protector.

Music Composition, Dance Choreography and Film Production

  • Label the media and case/sleeve with the student’s name, title of work, grade division, and year. (Acceptable media are CDs, DVDs, and Flash Drives – CD/DVDs should be protected by a case or sleeve.)

  • Pack the media inside a large envelope. Use masking tape to secure a plastic sheet protector on the outside of the envelope with the Student Entry Form and its copy inside. Do not tape over the opening of the sheet protector. *Note for Music Composition entries: Ensure middle and high school grade division entries include the music score.


  • Include the student name, entry title, arts category, and grade division on the back of each page of the literature piece.

  • Include the literature piece and two copies in a manila folder (3 total).

  • Staple the original Student Entry Form to the outside of the folder. Place a copy of the form inside the folder with the entry piece itself.