2022-23 NECPTA Secretary: Tracy Christian

The secretary is responsible for keeping accurate records of all association proceedings.

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Texas PTA Confidentiality, Ethics & Conflict of Interest AgreementThis form must be signed by all board members and the signatures maintained by the secretary with the records. No Exceptions! Please see below for definitions of duties mentioned:

  • Duty of Care: Board members must be reasonably informed about what the PTA does and that they participate, ask questions, use good business judgement, and act in good faith.

  • Duty of Loyalty: Board members must act in the best interest of the whole association – not for the benefit of themselves, their family or their friends – and they cannot share confidential information or put themselves or another organization before the PTA if a conflict occurs.

  • Duty of Obedience: Board members must comply with all local, state, and federal laws and that they comply with the PTA mission and purposes and obey the bylaws and any other governance documents.

Records Retention Policy – This form lists all of records and the length of time that these records must be retained by the Local PTA. The Secretary maintains this list and should be reviewed annually.

Plan of Work (POW) Template – This document can be used as a template for your Plan of Work. If you use a different layout, be sure to include all of the sections outlined in this template.

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