Healthy Lifestyles


2017-18 Chairperson: OPEN

Council PTA provides information, resources and services to our local units with the hope all children, staff and parents of the NEISD can be reminded of the importance of well being: mind, body and soul.

The Healthy Lifestyles chairman will assist local units by providing access to programs, which will focus on health, safety, nutrition and well-being. Consider establishing a healthy lifestyles committee on your board, providing access to training and resources and addressing the critical nutrition and physical activity needs of Texas children and their families. Look into joining the SHAC (School Health Advisory Council), Campus Improvement Committee, and build a relationship with school health providers.

Healthy Lifestyles Newsletters:

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Programs to Consider:

Elementary – Fit Kids, School/Community Wellness Fair, Safety Programs for car, bus and walking students.

Middle Schools – Cyber bullying, questionable internet programs

High Schools – Shattered Dreams and Distracted Driving programs, Safe Driving Clubs

Research shows healthy habits learned in childhood support proper growth and development of children’s bodies and brains and promote better health outcomes in adulthood. Because good mental and physical health are linked to learning ability and because good health is a critical predictor of future productivity, it is essential that Texas schools provide students with access to learning environments that support healthy lifestyles.

Fact: Properly nourished children perform better in school-both academically and behaviorally.

Fact: Physical activity strengthens children’s bodies, minds, and self-esteem.

Fact: A good night’s sleep is essential for optimum growth, development and performance.     

Fact: Healthy habits are best formed during childhood.

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This chair is a developing position and will constantly evolve, so please check back on a monthly basis as we hope to give updates as to how we can help our NEISD community live a safer, healthier life.


2017-18 Chairperson: Nicole Mansueto (

Lunchroom Chairmen will participate in the evaluation of school lunches and provide Nutrition Services valuable feedback. Lunchroom identification cards, address cards for meeting reminders and meal evaluation forms will be distributed at the October meeting. Please return evaluation forms to North East School Nutrition Services at least one week prior to the December, February and April meetings so School Nutrition Services will have time to evaluate your input.

Each PTA will be responsible for the payment of meals. Payment for meals is to be made at the school campus cafeteria. It is suggested a minimum of 4 lunches and 2 breakfasts be evaluated, for a total of approximately $17.70 per participant. The cost of a guest lunch is $3.35 and breakfast is $2.15. PTA volunteers may choose to evaluate more meals either at their own expense or funded by PTA.

This committee is an important cooperative effort of PTA and NEISD and we encourage each PTA unit to participate in this worthwhile committee effort.
2017-18 Meeting Dates/Times:
October 18, 2017
December 6, 2107
February 21, 2018
April 25, 2018
Meeting Location:

School Nutrition Services
3623 Highpoint St.
San Antonio, TX 78217