Council Job Descriptions

1. coordinate the work of the officers and committees of the association in order
that the purposes may be promoted;
2. confirm that a quorum is present;
3. preside at all meetings of the association;
4. appoint the chair of each standing committee and special committee, subject to
the approval of the executive board, unless otherwise provided in these bylaws;
5. appoint the members of each standing committee and special committee unless
otherwise provided in these bylaws;
6. be authorized to sign on bank accounts, unless prohibited by terms of
7. be authorized to sign contracts approved by the executive board;
8. be listed as the principal officer and be authorized to sign tax documents , unless
prohibited by terms of employment;
9. confirm the executive board has reviewed and the membership has adopted the
Texas PTA/PTSA Records Retention Policy annually;
10. appoint a member, subject to the approval of the executive board, who is not
authorized to sign on the bank account to open, review, initial and date each
bank statement;
11. attend Texas PTA’s Lone Star Leadership training;
12. represent the Council PTA as a voting delegate at the Texas PTA Annual
13. confirm that all executive board members are graduates of the Texas PTA
Leader Orientation or have completed the course by October 15 after the
14. submit the names and contact information of the officers and chairs to the Texas
PTA Office within ten (10) days of election or appointment;
15. appoint the financial reconciliation committee, subject to the approval of the
executive board; and
16. serve as an ex-officio member of all committees except the nominating and
financial reconciliation committees.

Newly-Elected President
The newly-elected president, within thirty (30) days after the election meeting, shall call a meeting of the newly-elected officers to :
1. appoint a parliamentarian, subject to the approval of the newly-elected officers;
2. appoint standing committee chairs, subject to approval of the newly elected
officers; and
3. conduct any other business as shall become necessary.

Vice Presidents
First Vice President (Aide to President)
1. be the aide-to-the-president and be in charge of honoring Council life members

Second Vice President (Communications)
1. be in charge of distributing information to local units and compiling lists of Local
PTA President and committee chairmen by their positions for the use of Council PTA
chairmen in corresponding positions, and
2. preside in the absence of the president (in the designated order).

Third Vice President (Programs/Calendar)
1. be in charge of programs, preparing the Council PTA calendar and reserving
locations for all Council PTA calender activities, and

Fourth Vice President (Ways & Means/Financial)
1. be in charge of ways and means and assist Council Treasurer with workshops
and other treasurer-related issues that may arise at a local unit, and

1. record and maintain the minutes of all meetings of the members and the
executive board;
2. send, or cause to be sent, notice of meetings of the members and of the
executive board;
3. be responsible for correspondence;
4. collect and preserve documents relating to the history of the association;
5. present a written report to the association as the official history to be adopted at
the annual meeting;
6. maintain a list of delegates and alternates for each Local PTA in membership,
which shall not be released to outside interests;
7. maintain an accurate list of the names of the Local PTAs in membership;
8. maintain the names and contact information of the members of the executive
board, Local PTA presidents, principals with Council PTA membership, and
superintendent(s) within the Council PTA boundaries;
9. have a current copy of the bylaws;
10. maintain the required documents of the association to include: Texas PTA Leader
Orientation completion lists, records retention policy, adopted and signed
ethics/conflict of interest policy, and adopted plans of work; and
11. not be a member of the financial reconciliation committee;
12. confirm that all executive board members have signed the local PTA
ethics/conflict of interest policy;

1. serve as the chair of the budget and finance committee;
2. present a written and verbal financial report to the executive board and
association meetings;
3. have custody of all the funds of the association;
4. maintain books of account and records including bank statements, receipts,
budgets, invoices, paid receipts and canceled checks in accordance with the
5. make disbursements in accordance with the budget adopted by the association;
6. be authorized to sign on bank accounts;
7. be authorized to sign tax documents, if the president is prohibited by
8. present a preliminary annual report. i.e., budget to actual, at the last association
9. complete and file all necessary tax documents; and
10. present books of account and records to the financial reconciliation committee

1. advise the presiding officer on questions of parliamentary procedure when
asked; and
2. vote only when the vote is by ballot.


Arts in Education/
Conduct Reflections Workshop for Local PTAs in the Fall. Execute and manage the collection, judging, advancement and recognition of Reflections Entries received from the local PTAs.
‘back the future’ Events Coordinate two back the future events within one membership year, featuring active participation by community leaders and invite the media. Recruit at least one mayor, one city council member and one local business leader to join a Local PTA within NEISD.
Blossom Scholarship Provide information about the Virgil T. Blossom Scholarship fund to the NEISD community. Chair committee to guide Local PTA Scholarship chairs in selecting their Blossom Scholarship recipient. Work with Treasurer to disburse funds to current recipients. Coordinate the Blossom Scholarship Luncheon in the Spring. Invite recipients to attend and organize coordination of the meal.
Clothes Closet Coordinate the activities of the Clothes Closet. Recruit shift leads and volunteers. Communicate with counselors and family engagement specialists to ensure our families’ needs are being met based on the available resources. Share closet needs with the community with clothing shortages are identified.
Oversee School Board Appreciation Week and Custodial Appreciation Week. Send out Council correspondence as requested by President and as needed. Assist with Hospitality.
Courtesy Chair Set-up and manage sign-in sheets at each Council Regular meeting. Maintain accurate records in order to determine voting eligibility and establishment of a quorum. Provide folders for each school and assist with handouts provided by Council Board. Send all remaining handouts to PTAs not in attendance using PONY immediately after meeting.
Founders’ Day Coordinate Founders’ Day activities with the honor PTA/School Administration, District Administration, and Council Founders’ Day committee. Conduct training workshops (with 1st VP – Life Membership) for local PTAs.
Healthy Lifestyles Coordinate with Local Units to inform and distribute Healthy Lifestyles options and Healthy Lifestyle events to PTA members. Relay information from Texas PTA to Healthy Lifestyle Chairs.
Historian Collect and preserve documents relating to the history of the Council PTA, and present a written report to the association as the official history to be adopted at the annual meeting.
Hospitality Oversee food and beverages at Council Events. Work with various chairs including ISE, UBS and BS to provide event food options.
International Student Exchange (ISE)
Coordinate a breakfast event to acknowledge and celebrate the International Exchange Students (ISE) in our school district (high schools only).
Legislation Work together with our local units to assure wise legislative decisions regarding PTA and school district through knowledge of the legislative process and through and understanding of the issues at stake.
Lunchroom Set up and facilitate the lunchroom committee meetings with Nutrition Services and committee members.
Membership Keep the local units informed of important deadlines, materials and informational updates associated with National and State PTA membership. Assist any new Local Units in applying for membership. Keep current and accurate records from State PTA about Local PTAs’ membership status.
Partners in PTA Coordinate the PIP program for the district. Communicate program initiatives through workshops, newletters and communications. Maintain PIP list. Assist PIP chairs with program initiatives.
Training Coordinate and facilitate council training sessions.
Used Book Sale Coordiate event schedule and logistics. Organize publicity and signage. Organize drop off dates as well as the actual sale. Make arrangements for any unsold books to be donated.
Used Book Sale
Local Unit
Coordinate local unit participation in Used Book Sale. Conduct a Used Book Sale workshop.
Website Maintain Council website,; and ensure that it is an effective, accurate and accessible communication tool for PTA events/issues. Maintain Council email account, Facebook and other social networking accounts; and keep in sync with assistance from the President. Create and maintain presentations/slide shows (training, meeting, etc) as requested. Maintain the Idea Bank and make available on website.