North East ISD Council of PTAs provides support for the local unit volunteers by conducting numerous trainings and workshop throughout the school year. Most of our training takes place in the Fall, and again in the Spring. Below are brief descriptions of each of the workshops/training sessions that we provide.

Please consult our Council Calendar page for training dates.

Blossom Scholarship Workshop

The Blossom Scholarship Workshop is designed for the high school chairpersons of the Blossom Scholarship Committee. During this workshop committee chairs will receive their Blossom Scholarship procedure notebook.

The workshop will cover information about how to:

  • publicize the Blossom Scholarship
  • set up the scholarship interview process
  • conduct the scholarship interviews
  • conduct the follow-up process for scholarship recipient and applicants, and
  • prepare for the Blossom Scholarship Luncheon in April.

At this workshop, attendees will also schedule a follow-up meeting to answer any questions and review the timeline for the scholarship interview process.

Founders’ Day Workshops

The Founders’ Day Workshops are designed to provide guidance to each participating local unit with specific Founders’ Day responsibilities.

Founders’ Day/Life Membership Workshop
Since we honor our Texas PTA, National and Extended Service Life Members at this event, we recommend that both the Founders’ Day and Life Member Chair attend this workshops. This workshop will assist with the following:

  • How to solicit nominations for Life Member candidates, and make final selection(s).
  • How to determine if a possible candidate has already received a Life Membership.
  • Honoring your Life Members at your local unit Association meetings.
  • What to expect at Founders’ Day.

Founders’ Day Nametag & Poster Workshop
This workshop will cover the specific requirements for the name tags and Life Member posters that each participating local unit will provide at Founders’ Day. Creative ideas, samples and local resources will be shared.

Founders’ Day Workshop for all Local Units
This workshop is a recap of the Founders’ Day/Life Membership Workshop, and is typically held in January. It is repeated for any local units who need additional guidance, or missed the previous workshop in the Fall.

Founders’ Day Committee Meetings
Founders’ Day committee meetings are only for members of the planning committee of Founders’ Day and are not required for Local Unit chairs. If you are interested in assisting with the planning of Founders’ Day or helping the day of, please contact the Council Founder’s Day Chair.

Foundations: Leader Orientation

The Texas PTA Leader Orientation is required of every PTA Board member that has not previously taken this training.

As of August 2016, Foundations: Leader Orientation (FLO) and Local Board Orientation (LBO) must both be taken moving forward to get credit for completing a Texas PTA Leader Orientation. FLO is now referred to as FLO Part 1: “Welcome to PTA” and LBO as FLO Part 2: Serving on a Local Board. The FLO Part 1 will provide PTA Leaders with a general understanding of PTA. This workshop will last about 90 minutes, and requires an $8 course fee payable in advance. The course fee includes a Leader Orientation Resource Guide. Completion certificates will be issued by Texas PTA, and distributed to all those who complete the course by the North East ISD Council of PTAs.

This FLO Part 1 course is available online with a course fee of $10. Your resource guide (in PDF format) will be available to download. The online course is self-paced and can be taken over 14 days or less.


LAUNCH: Summer Seminar

The LAUNCH: Summer Seminar is hosted by the Texas PTA each summer, usually in July. Each year will have a different theme.

This event is a wonderful opportunity to recieve comprehensive training in all aspects of PTA, bond with your board, and network with other PTA leaders from around the state. This is a weekend long event that typically begins on Friday and ends mid-day on Sunday. Workshops are available for every possible board position on both the Local unit and Council levels. Many parenting workshops (i.e. college preparation, Duke TIP program, discipline in the home, Internet safety, etc.) are also available.

Ticketed events such as the Pep Rally, Legacy Breakfast and Talk of Texas Lunch are additional opportunities to meet and bond with other PTA leaders across the state. Many fundraising and school program ideas, student learning aides and PTA managment applications can be obtained at the Exhibit Hall that is buzzing with diverse group of vendors. You will also want to stop by the Texas PTA Market to pick up resource guides, spirit items or PTA thank you gifts.

See Texas PTA website for registration and schedule of events.

Membership Workshop

The Membership Workshop is designed to give your membership chairman all the information needed to have a successful year! At this workshop, we will reveal the new yearly theme, and review the major duties of the membership chair by discussing the 5 R’s of membership:

Recruit: what is the Texas PTA membership theme and how can I use it to help recruit members for my PTA?

Record: what information do I need to obtain from my members?

Report & Remit: how do I report my member roster to State and how much are the dues?

Recognize: how can I recognize my PTA for our membership successes?

Retain: now that I’ve recruited members and reported them to state, what else do I need to do to maintain our membership?

Come and find out the answers to these questions and more. Remember – your PTA’s greatest asset and resource is its membership!

More membership information and related forms are available on the Texas PTA website,

Mini Workshops (Spring)

Council provides a varitey of workshops designed for newly elected PTA boards to attend. These workshops are great tools for starting new boards on the right path to success. The Spring Mini-workshops are very convenient, easily accessible, only 1-1.5 hrs long, very informative and fun. It’s a wonderful way to start bonding as a new board as well as gaining the knowledge that each chair needs to succeed in their position for the new year.

Don’t wait for Summer Seminar to start learning your positions. Come join us at the Spring Mini Workshops and get a good start on your upcoming year.

President’s Roundtables

All of our Local Unit Presidents are encouraged to join our President Roundtable (PRT) meetings. These meetings are great for hearing the lastest National, State, Area, Council and District information. PRTs offer opportunities for healthy discusssions among local unit presidents, sharing of ideas, brain-storming and cleberating local unit successes. Presidents will also receive current Council materials such as calendars, rosters, various workshop information, newsletters and more.

Most importantly, PRTs offers each local unit president ideas to unite their local boards and communities, a sense of direction as a president, a solid group support system for morale and an endless network of resources that are avaiable and ready for use.

Be proactive. Be prepared. Be a winner.

Current schedule for the President’s Roundtables can be found on our PTA President’s webpage, under “Meetings at a Glance”.

Principal and PTA President’s Workshop
(not offered in 2016-17)

The Principals and PTA President’s workshop provides the principals and the district’s administrative staff with valuable information regarding their role as a PTA board member, ways to ensure financial accountability, and how to partner with their PTA president and board members. The training provides the principals and district administrative staff with the information they need to be an even more valuable resource to their PTAs.

Reflections Workshop

The Reflections workshop will provide an overview of the Reflections program, and more detailed guidance on the following:

  • Promoting the Reflections Program
  • Collecting Entries
  • Required Online Process & Forms
  • Judging of Entries
  • Council Drop Off & Pick Up
  • Awards and Award Ceremonies
  • Ideas & Resources

To download handouts and access helpful links from our recent Reflections Workshop, please visit the Reflections Forms page.

Secretary Workshop

The Secretary Workshop will provide guidance to local unit secretaries on playing an active role in communicating proper notice of meetings and the distribution of meeting minutes.

Treasurer Workshops

Treasurer Workshop: In the Treasurer Workshop you will learn the basics of being PTA Treasurer. You will learn how to create and amend budgets, the requirements for writing checks and making deposits, manage disbursement forms.

990 EZ Workshop: The 990 EZ Workshop is designed to provide instructions on how to complete the 990 EZ and Schedule A tax form that many local unit PTAs submit each year.

Sales Tax Workshop: The Sales Tax Workshop is designed to provide guidance on determining when to collect sales tax during our fundraising events. You will also learn how to apply for a Sales Tax permit, which number to as your Tax Exempt number, conditions regarding Tax Free days, submitting your Sales Tax form, and which form to use when purchasing items that are normally taxed.

Used Book Sale Workshop

The Used Book Sale workshop is designed to provide participating local units with dates, guidelines and volunteer hours requirements and proceed distribution regarding the yearly Council Used Book Sale event. Detailed instructions are provided on how the books should be packed, sorted and labeled prior to dropping them off in preparation for the book sale. A calendar is also provided which lists all drop off dates, and Used Book Sale event dates and times.

Posters and yard signs are also availabe to any local unit to use in promoting the Used Book Sale at their school and surrounding communities.

Volunteer Workshop

The Volunteer Workshop will give campuses an understanding of what policies, guildelines and procedures volunteers must follow. The workshop will also touch on recruitment and recognition of volunteers.