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  • How can I get a copy of my by-laws? (update after August 2016)

  •  Who is my Council Mentor?

Visit our Local Unit Resources page to review the Council Mentor list.

  • What is “bonded” and where do I go to get bonded?

AIM is most commonly used by PTAs for insurance needs.  At minimun your PTA should purchase Commercial General Liability,  Commercial Crime & Fidelity Bond, and Non-profit Professional Liabilty (Officers Liability).  You can read all about insurance on the AIM site.

  • Do we have to use the PTA software?

No, but it is made for PTA and can make the life of your Treasurer easier.  It is very inexpensive, and can be purchased at on the website. You may also want to consider using PT Avenue financials, which requires an annual fee but provides greater transparency and some transition benefits.

  • Do PTAs need a tax permit?

Yes, if you are selling taxable items.  Details about the permit are posted on our PTA Treasurers page.  Go to to complete your application on line.  FYI, the PTA NAICS code is 813410.