Council Delegate

The Council PTA Delegate has an essential and very important role in PTA. Each Delegate has the following responsibility:


  1. Attend all Council PTA regular meetings or see that an alternate attends instead.
  2. Represent the Local PTA as a voting member of the Council PTA body.
  3. Participate in all Council PTA discussions and deliberations. Each delegate (or alternate, if the delegate is not in attendance) is entitled to make motions, debate and vote at each Council PTA meeting.
  4. Take careful notes of announcements and the program at the Council PTA meeting. Council typically provides at pre-filled meeting notes summary in hard copy at each meeting. Use the Council pre-filled meeting notes summary as a start.
  5. Seek information or ask approval from Local PTA members on matters affecting local units (your school).  Report and/or vote accordingly at the Council PTA meeting.

Local Unit:

  • Attend all meetings of the Local PTA.
  • Maintain a procedure book.
  • Using a Council PTA Delegate Report Form or pre-filled notes summary, report on the Council PTA meeting to your Local PTA members and/or its executive board.
  • A copy of this form should be filed with your PTA Secretary.
  • Post announcements of Council PTA activities in the Local PTA’s bulletin or newsletter.

NOTE: A Local PTA must have sent membership dues to Texas PTA and have paid the dues to the Council PTA in order to have delegate representation and to be able to participate in the business of the Council PTA.