Foundations: Leader Orientation

Having a well trained board, who understand the background, mission and goals of PTA, makes a local PTA more successful and purposeful. As per your local bylaws, all board members must “be a graduate of the Texas Leader Orientation or complete the course by October 15 after election or appointment.”

Foundations: Leader Orientation (FLO) Part 1: “Welcome to PTA”  and FLO Part 2: “Serving on a Local Board” must be taken to get credit for completing a Texas PTA Leader Orientation.

FLO Part 1: “Welcome to PTA” can be taken online through the Texas PTA Training webpage for $10. FLO Part 2: “Serving on a Local Board” can be taken in person through Council only and is free.

The $10 FLO Part 1 training fee should be reimbursed by your PTA as part of your training budget. Please be sure to bring a copy of your bylaws along to FLO Part 2.

If you completed Leader Orientation Training (LOT) or Foundations: Leader Orientation (FLO) prior to August 2016, you are not required to attend another Texas PTA Leader Orientation. However, we strongly to encourage you to attend the new training, FLO Part 2 – “Serving on a Local Board”.